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Ugh. It's so embarrassing to be HUMAN.

Why can't we always be smooth, funny, sophisticated, polished, clever, profound, and sail through every presentation?

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news (please don't shoot the messenger), but when you give a presentation:

  • You'll lose your place
  • You'll say the wrong thing
  • You'll forget to turn on your mic in Zoom
  • Your joke will bomb
  • You won't know how to answer a question
Whew! Isn't that a relief, to just get that all out in the open?
LB amazing

There was a time when I thought the most important things about speaking were:

  • artfully using my hands and facial expressions
  • impressing people with how smart and funny I am
  • heroically avoiding saying “um”
I will confess here that I was on the speech team in high school, and perhaps some of the habits I learned there needed to be unlearned. 
Yes, I thought speaking was all about me and how amazing I was..
But presenting is so much more than just standing in front of a group of people and pontificating. It’s so much more than “telling,” or “lecturing” or “conveying information.”
And it’s certainly not about demonstrating how brilliant or witty you are and how much more you know than anyone else.
But sadly, that's how many business leaders approach their speaking.
Because they've been brainwashed into thinking that if they come across as human, they won't appear "professional."
They've learned or been told:
Don't use humor
 Don't use notes (some people think using notes is the worst thing a speaker can do!)
Don't express emotion
❌ Don't activate emotion in the audience
❌ Don't show your real personality, with all your quirks and humanness
❌ Don't make mistakes (good luck with that)
❌ Don't include "fluff" (what the heck is fluff, anyway?)
❌ And for goodness' sake, don't enjoy yourself or look like you're having fun!
I'm here to tell you that ⇧that⇧ is hogwash.
But when you put those messages together with the fact that many of us are just too hard on ourselves, you've got a recipe for (no, not disaster) discouragement, dissatisfaction, and disappointment. 
Ditching perfection and creating connection is about trust.

It's about trusting your instincts. Trusting that you know your audience, you know your purpose, and you know exactly who you need to be to deliver impact and transformation.

◉ What if you could just let GO of striving for perfection?
◉ What if you could get past the discomfort of the POSSIBILITY of things going wrong in your presentation?
(Because they will.)
◉ What could you accomplishright nowif you could just get over the need to protect yourself from potential judgement or criticism?
Your audience needs your message and your solutions! Let's get past what's keeping you stuck and release your genius.
Set yourself up for success without the drama!

Why should I be your guide?

Public speaking coaching and training are all I do.

This isn't a side hustle to some other kind of business, or consulting or coaching.

Not only am I an active speaker and trainer (since 1992), I've been writing about speaking and training since 2006. I've been coaching since 2005. My book came out in 2017. I have a B.A. in Theater and an M.A. in Education, which directly influence my training and coaching.

You want someone who's "all in," am I right? Not someone just dabbling in presentation skills coaching, but someone who has invested years of time, money and effort in becoming an expert in this field.

I'm serious about what I do. I'm passionate about sharing all the tools and resources I have at my disposal.

I've been gathering these tools for 30 years and I want you to have the benefit of my knowledge and experience!

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Here's what we'll cover in 8 Steps to Ditching Perfection and Creating Connection

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Make preparation a priority

How do you prepare properly and effectively?

Exude confidence

What is this magical thing called confidence, and where does it come from?

Make it fun

You can take your work seriously without taking yourself so seriously!

Focus on service

Do you always bring your A game? It's a requirement you cannot skip.

Deliver an experience

A presentation is a collaboration with the audience. How will you co-create the experience with them?

Stand out

Stop comparing. Let's talk about how to fall in love with the real you!

Change your mindset

It's our interpretation of situations and the meaning we give them that determines our mindset. Ready for an upgrade?

Create connection

Connection doesn’t happen in a vacuum. There are a variety of factors you need to manage.

So... what do you GET in this training?